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CPA Case Study

Case Study

Professional CPA Firm Gets 400% ROI with
Lead Generation from Sapper Consulting

Nieminski Robbins & Associates is a CPA in a suburb of Chicago. From bookkeeping to taxes, NRA CPA is a full service tax and accounting office. They provide exceptional value on accounting and tax planning services that keep businesses humming.

Before hiring Sapper, NRA CPA had tried a combination of in-house efforts to set appointments, as well as similar services. Despite their efforts, they never saw the traction they were looking for. Lead quality and ROI are huge factors when considering any appointment setting resource and we knew that going in.

Since we started, we’ve generated over 400% ROI with similar figures in their future pipeline.

Download the full testimonial to learn how Sapper helped NRA CPA generate a steady stream of leads that generated 400% ROI.

Sapper Consulting

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Consider outsourcing your outbound. Sapper Consulting acts as an extension of your existing sales efforts, helping you find and close more qualified opportunities that are a great fit for your business.

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