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The 5 Most Common Objections to Outsourced Lead Gen 

After thousands of sales calls over the past decade, we've consolidated the top 5 objections to outsourcing.  Download this guide to help you determine if an outsourced partnership is right for your business. 
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The Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation

Start, tweak, or perfect your lead generation efforts with this guidebook. The guide below details common mistakes and questions you should ask when evaluating outsourced lead generation companies.

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4 Steps to Finding Qualified Leads (Finally)

100 OK leads or 20 incredible leads? The answer is pretty unanimous, but getting to the latter isn't always clear. This guide discusses the top 4 strategies to spend less time chasing bad leads.

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The Ultimate Guide to Triple Your Sales Meetings Using Cold Email

By the end of this guide, you will understand the formula we used to achieve this kind of growth, the anatomy of a successful email, and how tweaking your own outreach efforts can yield more sales meetings and new clients.

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5 Questions to Ask when Evaluating a Lead Gen Company

Is your lead gen company charging too much? How many leads are ending up in closed deals? Learn the top 5 questions you should ask a lead generation company in order to find success in your sales pipeline.

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10 Things You Must Do To Win a Sales Meeting

Research indicates that just 0.78 percent of B2B leads convert into new customers which means we have all struggled to surmount the conversion obstacle. Check out this guide to learn how to increase that conversion rate.

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4 Things Your Lead Gen Partner Must Do

If you're curious about outsourcing, use this guide to find the right partner. Or if your current company isn't hitting the mark on these key areas, it is time to move on. This guide illustrates what a healthy outsourced partnership looks like.

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Tips and Tricks from the Sales Consulting Pros Landing Page

Tips & Tricks from the Sales Consulting Professionals 

This guide provides strategies to get more results from cold calling, outbound email campaigns, and everything in between while providing methods we've used in our own sales training to 3x our amount of qualified leads each month.

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The Ultimate Guide to Cold Prospecting (ICP + Personas)

Download this guide to understand how to secure sales meetings with cold potential buyers. Enclosed is a step-by-step framework to identify your targets and the best tactics in which to prospect them by calculating ICPs and Buyer Personas.

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8 Things You Should Never Include in a B2B Sales Email

Struggling with B2B Sales emails? Find out the 8 things you should never include in your B2B sales emails and watch success rate rise!
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One Call Close Video Series

 This 10-video series breaks down every step of your discovery sales call. All the way from navigating the first 30 seconds to sending out the contract.

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