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2020 Lead Generation Survival Guide

The Ultimate Survival Guide To Lead Generation 

40% of companies report a decreasing effectiveness of outbound marketing within the last 5 years. Luckily, our latest guide includes the recipe for achieving consistent outbound success.

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Recession Proof Business

How to Recession Proof
Your Business

Learn how successful companies thrive before, during, and even after a recession. The key is planning. We've included 5 ways you can turn your company into a recession-proof business.

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4 Steps to Finding Qualified Leads

Four Steps to Finding Qualified Leads 

100 OK leads or 20 incredible leads? The answer is pretty unanimous, but getting to the latter isn't always clear. This guide discusses the top 4 strategies to spend less time chasing bad leads.

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Cost Difference

The Real Cost Difference:
Outsourced vs DIY Lead Gen

We pulled the data to create this complete cost breakdown of generating leads on your own compared to hiring an agency. Learn the cost of each resource you'll need to run a lead gen program.

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Lead Generation for your Budget

Choosing Lead Generation
for your budget

Lead generation comes in all shapes, sizes, and price points, and ranging from cold calling to paid ads. Use this guide to calculate ROI for each channel and choose the best option for your budget.

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When is it time to outsource lead gen

When It's Time to Outsource Your Lead Generation

If you're not achieving your growth goals or are struggling to maintain your sales funnel, it might be time to outsource your lead generation. 

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The Growth Guidebook for SMBs

 The Growth-Hacking Playbook for SMBs

It seems like every B2B email company is promising you more leads and better leads - all as a result of their ‘secret sauce’. We know our process is different - learn the outbound strategy we used to become the 170th fastest growing company in America.

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Four Channels for Growth

Lead Gen: 4 Channels for the Quickest Growth

This guide outlines 4 channels that create measurable, affordable strategies to boost your marketing efforts and get quick results. From cold calling to email marketing, we've identified the fastest channels to generate leads - partner with a firm, use social media, paid ads and SEO.

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Guide to Buyer Personas

The Prospecting Playbook: 
ICPs & Buyer Personas

Learn how to turn cold prospects into warm sales meetings in this playbook. Included is a step-by-step playbook to determining your Ideal Customer Profile, three prospecting cadences for converting qualified leads, and how to craft persona-based email messaging.

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 Sales Funnel Land:
 Inside the Customer Journey

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Million Dollar Deal
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Obstacles for Growth
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The Ultimate Guide to Triple Your Sales Meetings Using Cold Email

By the end of this guide, you will understand the formula we used to achieve this kind of growth, the anatomy of a successful email, and how tweaking your own outreach efforts can yield more sales meetings and new clients.

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5 Questions to Ask when Evaluating a Lead Gen Company

Is your lead gen company charging too much? How many leads are ending up in closed deals? Learn the top 5 questions you should ask a lead generation company in order to find success in your sales pipeline.

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10 Things You Must Do To Win a Sales Meeting

Research indicates that just 0.78 percent of B2B leads convert into new customers which means we have all struggled to surmount the conversion obstacle. Check out this guide to learn how to increase that conversion rate.

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Optimize Your Outbound

How to Optimize Your Outbound Campaigns

Creating an outbound marketing campaign takes time, expertise, and strategic thinking. For the best results, you'll need testing, iteration, and optimization. 

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Tips & Tricks from the Sales Consulting Professionals 

This guide includes strategies to get better results from cold calling and outbound email campaigns.

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Predicting Your Pipeline

How To Predict Your Pipeline

The secret to hitting quota is using formulas based on your conversion. This guide will teach you how to apply our revenue engine formula to your own pipeline, track your pace to goal, and hit your KPI goals.

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8 Things

8 Things You Should Never Include in a B2B Sales Email

Struggling with B2B Sales emails? Find out the 8 things you should never include in your B2B sales emails and increase your conversions.
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One Call Close

One Call Close Video Series

This 10-video series breaks down every step of your discovery sales call. All the way from navigating the first 30 seconds to sending out the contract. 

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How to Build a World-Class Inbound Lead Conversion Engine

How to Build A World Class Lead Conversion Engine

From follow-up to high touch sequences, learn how to convert more inbound leads into opportunities with the data-backed strategies in this whitepaper.

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